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(11/21/2016)  The Arkansas APCD is pleased to announce that a new Online Exception Request process is NOW ACTIVE.
All Exception Requests for all versions of the DSG must now be completed online! 
The Online Exception Request page is accessible once you sign into your account on the Web Portal page. 
Arkansas APCD Data Submission Guide Information
 DSG Version 5.1.2017 Technical Change (Not required until submission of Q1 2017 Data which is expected around 6/30/17)
*Version 5.1.2017 with comments marks and explains the individual changes. 
     DSG Version 5.0.2017 (Required for all submissions of 2016 Full Year Data)
    *Version 5.0.2017 with comments is recommended for submitting entities who have already submitted data using version 4.1.2015 to help identify required changes. 
    Important: Submitting Entities must not mix DSG Versions within one data file. If a file contains records using the version 5.0.2017 DSG layout, then all records in that file must conform to the 5.0.2017 DSG layout. Please also see the changes document below. 
     DSG Version 4.1.2015 (Note - will not be accepted for the March 31, 2017, data submission)
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