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Arkansas APCD Data Submission Guide Information
NEW!!! DSG Version 7.0.2109 Draft for Public Comment
DSG Version 6.0.2108 April/May Technical Change 
*Version 6.0.2018 with comments marks and explains the individual changes.
**As of 3/31/18, data submissions will only be accepted in DSG 6.0.2018 format. Data will no longer be accepted in other DSG formats. 
    Important: Submitting Entities must not mix DSG Versions within one data file. If a file contains records using the version 5.1.2017 DSG layout, then all records in that file must conform to the 5.1.2017 DSG layout.
    Shared Resources
    *The Online Exception Request page is accessible once you sign into your account on the Web Portal page.