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Arkansas APCD Data Submission Guide Information
Quarterly Submission Schedule
Submission Deadline Coverage Period
March 31 October 1 through December 31 (previous year)
June 30 January 1 through March 31 (same year)
September 30 April 1 thorugh June 30 (same year)
December 31 July 1 through September 30 (same year)
Arkansas APCD DSG Version 8.0.2022 Technical Change (UPDATED! 3/08/2022):   The Arkansas APCD released Data Submission Guide (DSG) version 8.0.2022 on 12/1/2021. This DSG is being re-released with technical changes that provide additional clarifying information for submitting entities.  In summary,
  • Original release: Revisions 1 through 28 – 12/1/2021

    • Minor alignment with Common Data Layout;
    • Inclusion of institutional values to inpatient-only fields;
    • Addition of ZIP4;
    • Addition of the point of origin appendix;
    • Alignment and clarification of some definitions;
    • Making previously optional fields required;
    • Changing the language and ethnicity code references;
    • Addition of Arkansas Medicaid aid category codes;
    • Addition placeholder fields; and
    • Other technical updates.


    DSG 8.0 Technical Changes: Revisions 29 through 36 – 2/25/2022

    • Field value length changes
    • Bill Type value correction
    • Corrected dependency
    • Ethnicity code appendix correction
    • Clarification for empty vs blank fields

    DSG 8.0 Technical Changes: Revision 37– 3/08/2022

    • Default value reformat


Submitting entities will not be required to resubmit any previously submitted data to comply with the new changes.  They should be aware of changes going forward such as threshold changes, format clarifications, definition clarifications, and optional to required changes.  The new versions of the DSG are located at the links below.

Two formats of the revised DSG 8.0.2022 are available – one with comments and one without comments.    The version with comments identifies changes, existing and new, in the Revision History section and on the page where the revision occurs.  This enables the submitting entity quick and easy identification of the changes.  The format without comments identifies changes in the Revision History section only.

Older DSG Versions

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