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DSG Version 7.0.2109 Technical Change Final (NEW! 3/14/2019) **
The Arkansas APCD is releasing a technical change to the 7.0.2019 data submission guide (DSG). Periodically, typographic and/or wording errors are found that need to be cleaned up prior to the following year's DSG release. For DSG 7.0.2019, two issues were addressed in this technical change: 


  1. Field lengths were increased to 128 bytes for fields DC047, DC048, and DC049. They were correct in the Excel version of DSG 7.0.2019. This correction aligns the documents. 
  2. Removed the term "contractual" from allowed amount fields MC098, PC068, PB068, and DC046 to more accurately describe the data element meanings. 


Be sure to review the Revision History for a detailed list of changes and additions. Submitting entities who have already submitted historical data files as of calendar years 2013-2018 do not have to resubmit historical data with new fields added in DSG 7.0.2019. The Arkansas APCD team will execute the necessary data transformation processes to add these fields to the historical data already received. Previous DSG versions - including 4.1.2015, 5.0.2017, 5.1.2017, and 6.0.2018 - are being retired. Any submissions received on or after June 30, 2019, must be made in the format outlined in Arkansas APCD DSG version 7.0.2019, until a new version is released and becomes the new standard. The Arkansas APCD will be able to receive the 7.0.2019 format in April, 2019. Submitters may begin submitting in the new format at that time. 
Please reach out to the Arkansas APCD Technical Support team with any questions or concerns. 



*Version 7.0.2019 with comments marks and explains the individual changes between Version 6 and Version 7 and any technical changes.
**As of 6/30/2019, data submissions will only be accepted in DSG 7.0.2019 format. After that date, data will no longer be accepted in other DSG formats. 
Also see the links on the Data Submission Guide (DSG) Resources page for DSG 6.0.2018 which is in effect until June 30, 2019. 



DSG Version 6.0.2108 April/May Technical Change ***
 ***Data will be accepted in DSG 6.0.2018 layout through March 31, 2019. DSG 7.0.2019 will be required as of 6/30/2019. 
    Important: Submitting Entities must not mix DSG Versions within one data file. If a file contains records using the version 7.0.2019 DSG layout, then all records in that file must conform to the 7.0.2019 DSG layout.
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    *The Online Exception Request page is accessible once you sign into your account on the Web Portal page.