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There is a growing demand and need for transparency of healthcare information in Arkansas to promote high-value care and advance research. Consumers, employers, and policymakers are advocating for greater reporting on the prices of healthcare services as a way to encourage consumers to choose low-cost, high-quality providers and to promote competition based on value. The Arkansas All-Payer Claims Database (APCD) is a dynamic tool that will enable the state to further its transparency objectives by collecting healthcare data from public and private sources and empowering Arkansans with information to better understand how and where healthcare is being delivered and how much is being spent. Please see the “How to Use the APCD Website” box below to learn how to navigate the Arkansas APCD website.
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Arkansas APCD Announcements

Arkansas APCD July 2021 Data Users Group presentation available (NEW! 7/28/2021)
Download the presentation used in the July 2021 Arkansas APCD data users group at this link.
Submitting Entity Webinar Scheduled (New! 7/15/2021)
All submitting entities are invited to attend a webinar scheduled for Thursday, July 29, from noon to 1 p.m. CST for a review and discussion on proposed Data Submission Guide (DSG) changes.
Review the latest data tips! (NEW!  7/15/2021) 
Click the green Data Request Tip Sheet button on this home page for the latest data tips.  Also new:  Each data tip now has a number. Sort the number column to find the latest additions.
New Arkansas population distribution by coverage (New! 3/16/2021)
This new chart provides information about how coverage is distributed across the Arkansas population.
Arkansas APCD April 2021 Data Users Group presentation available (NEW! 4/28/2021)
Download the presentation used in the April 2021 Arkansas APCD data users group at this link.
Latest Arkansas APCD updated data available (NEW! 2/16/2021)
The Arkansas APCD team has released the data through June 30, 2020.  Release notes are here.  The latest counts are available in the Universe Counts.
Healthcare Transparency Resources
Healthcare Transparency Initiative Board
Next meeting: Tuesday, November 12th, 3-4 PM (Victory Building-1401 W. Capitol Ave, Suite 300, Little Rock, AR)
 Healthcare Transparency Legislation
How to Use the APCD Website

Below is a summary of the tabs listed at the top of this page, each representing different content areas of the website:

  • Visit the Reports and Maps tab to view reports on the price and utilization of select procedures
  • Visit the Resources tab to find additional information on healthcare transparency efforts in Arkansas and the national level
  • Visit the Governance tab to learn more about Arkansas APCD oversight and governing authority 
  • Visit the About the APCD tab to find out more about the Arkansas APCD project, including contact information, frequently asked questions, a listing of data sources, and more
Data Requester Resources
The Arkansas APCD team is proud to announce that the Data Release Request Process is now live. Please use the links below to access the Data Request Application forms and to see a list of approved applications.
Read our latest blog post for updates on data availability and other news.
          Updated July 15, 2021
Submitting Entity Registration Forms

Click below to access registration forms for the Arkansas Healthcare Transparency Initiative. 

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