Arkansas APCD Data Request Pricing and Data Use Resources

The Arkansas APCD Data Request Pricing is now available. The table below provides examples of estimated price ranges for different types of requests. Contact the Arkansas APCD Technical Support team for price estimates tailored to your data request. 

Arkansas APCD Pricing Resources
  1. The Arkansas APCD Pricing Schedule containing data request types and data request pricing by year and file type. 
  2. The Arkansas APCD Data Request pricing tool enabling requesters to estimate the price of a request (Be sure to work with the Arkansas APCD Technical Support team for final pricing.)
Arkansas APCD Resources - Use and Available Data
  1. The Arkansas APCD Data Attributes presentation providing data requesters key information about the types of data contained in the Arkansas APCD and how they are linked.
  2. The Arkansas APCD Versioning Support Document helps the data requester identify and manage claims data that has been updated  and/or adjusted.
  3. The Arkansas APCD Version Rank Methodology document helps the data requester identify the most recent version of an enrollment data.  This is applicable only if data requester receives all member records.  Best practice provides only the most recent record.
  4. The Arkansas APCD Universe Counts containing counts by file types and years to help the data requester understand how much data is available for selection.
  5. The Arkansas APCD Data Element Frequency Counts providing row counts by data element value for all submitting entities combined. To help the data requester understand data coverage for selections.  Note, some data elements such as USPS ZIP code contain too many values to report here.  These can be obtained through a special request.
  6. The Arkansas APCD Claim Counts by Month reports provide counts representing unique medical, pharmacy, or dental claims submitted by month from each submitting entity.  This information may be used to understand claim submission patterns by month and year.
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