Data Release Requests Status

Requestor Organization Project Title Approval Date
Shinu Verghese Mathematica National 1115 Medicaid Demonstration Evaluation, CMS 11/23/2016
Michael Chernew Harvard Evaluation of Value-Based Payment Reform in Arkansas 4/25/2017
Dawn Stehle AR Dept. of Human Services Arkansas Works 2.0 Calculations 4/10/2017
Dan Honey AR Dept. of Insurance AID Medicaid Claim Cost Study 4/27/2017
Austin Bordelon Leavitt Partners DHS Health Care Landscape     1/18/2018
Matt Toth RTI International State Innovation Model (SIM) Initiative Evaluation     1/23/2018
Jee-Hun Choi Cornell University  The Impact of the Privatization of Public Health Coverage 9/26/2018
Dr. Robert McGehee Arkansas Bio-sciences Institute ABI Multi Project Subscription  6/19/2018
Matthew Niedzwiecki   Mathematica Policy Research National 1115 Medicaid Demonstration Evaluation for CMS (Round 2) 11/26/2018
Katherine Carman RAND Corporation Transitions in Coverage: Arkansas 9/19/2018
Joe Thompson ACHI Arkansas Healthcare Landscape Analysis 12/27/2018
Evan Young My Medical Shopper Arkansas Expansion  7/20/2018
Howraa Al-Mousawi Arkansas Dept. of Health Using APCD to Improve Public Health Practice at ADH 6/28/2019
Peter Hayward Remedy Partners Provider Level Price and Quality Transparency Cancelled
Howraa Al-Mousawi Arkansas Dept. of Health Infant Mortality (Perinatal Group) Cancelled
Jacques de Marche ACCN Improving the Health of Kids  Pending
Dave Dillion Lewis and Ellis, Inc. 2020 Rate Review Analysis     6/28/2019
Dave Dillion Lewis and Ellis, Inc. Impact of Proposed Reinsurance Program on ACA Markets 6/28/2019
Joe Thompson, MD, MPH ACHI Arkansas Healthcare Landscape Analysis 12/27/2018
Nell Smith BLR BLR Healthcare Database Pending
David Coles Arkansas Legislative Audit Pharmacy Benefit Manager 6/12/2019
Mark Combs Self Insured Reporting Self Insured Reporting, Data Research Cancelled
Ashley Flitter Genivity, Inc. Genivity HALO Assessment Cancelled
Changhwa Lee University of Pennsylvania The Impact of Any Willing Provider Law and Private option Cancelled
Joshua Breslau RAND Corporation Provider Networks and Quality of Physical HealthCare for Adults with SMI Cancelled
David McMahon II DHS Internal Review of Arkansas Works 7/10/2018
Sara Kikut Decision Resources Group DRG Quality Assurance Benchmark Denied
Robert Buchanan Baptist Health Market Assessment for Strategic Planning Cancelled
Douglas Levy, PhD MA General Hospital   Impact of Smoke-Free Housing Policy on Resident Health Cancelled
JoAnna Leyenaar Geisel School of Medicine Urban-Rural Disparities in Healthcare Quality for Children Cancelled
Jill Arnold National Accreta Foundation Perinatal Regionalization and Access to Care for Pts with Previous Cesarean Cancelled
Niranjan Kathe UAMS Spillover Effects of AR Medicaid Expasion through Premium Purchase Cancelled
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